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Current Projects

Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure

Science and engineering are increasingly reliant on computing, digital data, interoperability, and support for collaboration. Cybersecurity is critical to ensuring the integrity and trust of scientific data as well as interoperability. However, establishing a cybersecurity program, evaluating and choosing technologies for identity management, authentication, authorization, and auditing are major challenges. Cybersecurity should not dictate how science is done; instead it should support and enable workflows and technology choices made by science teams. Cybersecurity is not a "one size fits all" silver bullet, but instead is a process, carefully tailored to a community to create trust while impacting the work as little as possible. CTSC will help create high-quality, trustworthy cyberinfrastructure for National Science Foundation-funded projects, particularly those utilizing grid computing. CTSC will help create high-quality, trustworthy cyberinfrastructure for National Science Foundation-funded projects, particularly those utilizing grid computing. More...

Software Assurance MarketPlace

The Software Assurance Marketplace is committed to bringing a transformative change to the national software assurance landscape by providing a national marketplace that provides continuous software assurance capabilities to researchers and developers. By providing software assurance researchers, tool developers, tool users, and educators who train our workforce a suite of secure and dependable analysis services, the Software Assurance Marketplace will reduce the number of vulnerabilities deployed in software. More...

Advanced Identity Management for Extreme-Scale Scientific Computing

Identity Management is fundamental for establishing trust in modern scientific collaborations. It involves managing entities and privileges - who they are, how they are identified, how they are authenticated, what privileges they have, what roles and responsibilities they have - and enabling the communication of that identity information to entities to interacting entities, allowing them to authenticate and authorize each other. More...

Recently Completed Projects

Security at the CyberBorder

As scientific collaborations become increaseing international, high-performance international networks are critical for scientific research. In collaboration with IU's International Networking Programs group, the REN-ISAC and the Department of Energy's ESnet, I hosted the "Security at the CyberBorder workshop" in Indianapolis focusing how high-performance international networks could improve our national cybersecurity and foster cybersecurity research. The workshop report is freely available.

Open Science Grid PKI

The Open Science Grid provides high-throughput computing and data management for U.S. scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider to discover the Higgs Boson as well as other cutting edge scientific research endeavors. Building on previous engagement by IU's Research Technologies group with OSG, I'm led OSG's project to establish a new public key infrastructure to serve its users authentication needs. More...

Software Sustainability

Building on IU's workshop on Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability and Reusability, I am part of a team working to create set of recommendations regarding best practices for the software developer and supporter communities to use with software that is intended to be widely used by the US open research community.